Namaste, my name is Vidya (Davina Gotch). It is with great pleasure that I bring this web-site to you to share my love of yoga with you and share the beauty of practicing yoga. To learn more about Yoga Gnosis, click here. To contact me personally, click here.

Thank-you for visiting the Yoga Gnosis page. Winter can be a challenging time and also full of warmth and inspiration that a consistent yoga and meditation practice can give, seeing life and the things around us with beauty and tenderness, so we can live our dharma (right living) authentically. Heart-centred and warming practices with postures and breath can give us a great boost and upliftment on these shorter chilly days. Practices for the winter season will enhance our digestion (agni) and bring a sense of warmth of heart and upliftment. To build a sense of wellbeing, community and facilitating a joyful connection to life I will be offering some wonderful traditional yoga practices and packages for healthful living, and peaceful and uplifted heart and mind. A one hour class exploring selected postures and sequences will be offered fortnightly on Thursday evenings, commencing on 5th July until 6th Dec. 2018, click here for details, great for gaining deeper insights into these traditional practices, to enhance and embrace your yoga practice or just for the love of yoga. Once per month on Sundays we will enjoy a steady paced two hour yoga practice with fuller yoga nidra to deeply release and deepen our practice, followed by herbal Ayurvedic tea and light Ayurvedic snack, click here for details and dates. Look out for new online ‘experience yoga packages’ and products to enhance your yoga experience beyond the mat and take it to your home and work. Namaste, Davina (Vidya) 🙏🏼🕉



I’m really excited to share with you my new blog ‘Wholesome Yoga Living’ check out the page on this website for inspiration on Ayurvedic cooking, living an authentic yogic lifestyle, how to get started and much more…




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“The means of obtaining true knowledge are: perception via the five senses, inference and the study of sacred works.”                Marshall Govindan, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Siddhas Chapter 1: verse 7