Hi, my name is Vidya (Davina Gotch). It is with great pleasure that I bring this web-site to you to share my love of yoga with you and share the beauty of practicing yoga.

I began my yoga journey over 20 years ago now when I first stepped onto a mat in a yoga class a friend recommended to me. Yoga has taken me on a journey of understanding myself better and developing compassion for myself in the face of chronic illness, life events and finding purpose in life. It has been an inward journey with its challenges and times of great joy and fulfillment. Its a path I feel very privileged to be traveling and I wholeheartedly embrace its unfoldment.

During my yoga journey so far I’ve found great affinity and connected deeply with the origins of yoga and particularly enjoy the philosophy and traditional practices yoga offers to all. Yoga is still as highly relevant and practical today as when it was first practiced many thousands of years ago.

It is my intent to share and facilitate a deeper Self-understanding through the ancient practices of yoga to bring a sense of peace and inner happiness.

I have studied extensively with Shantarasa Yoga Institute for my yoga teacher trainings. It is with immense gratitude to my teachers (both past and present) and my Guru (Swami Nityananda, Gurudev) that I offer the practices I have learnt to others through Yoga Gnosis.



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“The means of obtaining true knowledge are: perception via the five senses, inference and the study of sacred works.”                Marshall Govindan, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Siddhas Chapter 1: verse 7