Namaste, my name is Vidya (Davina Gotch). It is with great pleasure that I bring this web-site to you to share my love of yoga with you and share the beauty of practicing yoga. To learn more about Yoga Gnosis, click here. To contact me personally, click here.

Thank-you for your patience and understanding during this time of my Dad passing away, it has been sad and also full of grace so grateful for yoga and time at the ashram in India with Gurudev, its given me great strength and insight at this time in a very personal way. Yoga Gnosis classes recommence on Tuesday 13th March…looking forward to sharing the love of yoga and its sublime practices with you. This time of year as we come into autumn can often reflect transition and change, life is full of change and unknowns, yoga and meditation can ground us and give us insight and perspective to navigate these transitions and changes, so we can live our dharma (right living) authentically. I will be offering some wonderful traditional yoga practices and packages to facilitate stability and consistency in outlook and life, healthful living, and peaceful and uplifted heart and mind. Two eight week series will be offered: ‘Beginners Meditation: discovering your essential nature’ and ‘Building your Surya Namaskar (sun salutations)’ both on Thursday evening, commencing on 12th April 2018, click here for details, great starting point for beginners and those wishing to gain deeper insights into these traditional practices. Look out for new online ‘experience yoga packages’ and products to enhance your yoga experience beyond the mat and take it to your home and work. Namaste, Davina (Vidya) 🙏🏼🕉



I’m really excited to share with you my new blog ‘Wholesome Yoga Living’ check out the page on this website for inspiration on ayurvedic cooking, living an authentic yogic lifestyle, how to get started and much more…




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“The means of obtaining true knowledge are: perception via the five senses, inference and the study of sacred works.”                Marshall Govindan, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Siddhas Chapter 1: verse 7