Why Yoga Gnosis?

Gnosis has is roots in the Greek word for knowledge, although a special kind of knowledge. Gnosis is True knowledge or knowledge by which knowledge is known.

Gnosis is a quality that resonated with me deeply during yoga teacher training and through time spent with my Guru and one I feel naturally arises within and which I wish to share with others. Enabling realization that we all have this quality of Gnosis within us.

Georg Feuerstein gives a very beautiful description of gnosis in his book The Yoga Tradition, pp.31:

“The word jnana means “knowledge,” “insight,” or “wisdom,” and in spiritual contexts has the specific sense of what the ancient Greeks called gnosis, a special kind of knowledge or intuition. In fact, the terms jnana and gnosis are etymologically related through the Indu-European root gno, meaning “to know.” Jana-Yoga is virtually identical with the spiritual path of Vedanta, the Hindu tradition of nondualism. Jana-Yoga is the path of Self-realization through the exercise of gnostic understanding, or… the wisdom associated with discerning the Real from the unreal or illusory.”

I would love to receive your thoughts on this, so please do post back. I’ll be posting more excerpts about Gnosis its origins and its meaning on this page, so stay tuned…