About Yoga Gnosis


Yoga enables each one of us to live our lives to the fullest with a deep sense of connection to our essential inner nature and to see the grace in what life brings to us. Over time I’ve discovered a great affinity and deep connection with the origins of Yoga, particularly its philosophy and traditional routes and practices, which is a life long learning.

Yoga is as highly relevant and practical today as when it was first practices many thousands of years ago. We as humans still face the same personal mental dialogue and physical challenges of living in a body as well as living collectively. Our modern lives may be fast paced and yoga provides the perfect antidote to stress and over stimulation in this information age. Yoga can awaken us to our internal guide to navigate us through our lives elegantly and with a sense of purpose and grace.

It is my intent to share and facilitate a deeper sense of Self-understanding through the ancient practices of yoga to bring a sense of peace and inner happiness, during yoga and meditation sessions, and providing Self empowering practices, tools and products to take into your own homes, work and lives.

It gives me great joy to share the ancient practices of yoga with others and see their growth, sense of Self and meaningfulness to life unfold.

A little background on Gnosis and its personal resonance with me and my intention for sharing Yoga Gnosis with you…Gnosis is Greek for knowledge, although more than just the knowledge you would glean from a book or listening to another, although these in themselves are very worthy pursuits. Gnosis is an inner knowledge and understanding that is imbibed through experience, practice and deep contemplation on the truths of life revealed in ancient yogic texts, yoga practices and living according to yogic principles. Gnosis also reflects the spiritual aspect within us all and in everything, we are all made of stardust in the cosmos we are all divine.

Yoga Gnosis brings to you the traditional practices of yoga in its fullest sense, supported with products and tools which are accessible and easy to apply in our often fast paced contemporary lifestyles. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.


I began my yoga journey over 20 years ago now when I first stepped onto a mat in a yoga class a friend recommended to me. I left feeling like I’d been transported to a different sense of how I could feel in my body and with a sense of upliftment and inner happiness. an inner spark had been lit within me and so my journey through life with yoga began. Yoga is teaching me to understand myself better and developing compassion for myself in the face of chronic illness, life events and finding purpose in my life. It has been an inward journey with times of challenge to elegantly unfold Self-discovery, great joy and fulfillment, as the grace in all situations reveals itself gradually through practicing yoga.

Yoga is a path I feel very privileged to be traveling and to share with others, I wholeheartedly embrace its unfoldment and revealing of the mysteries of life and the inner beauty that dwells within. yoga has enabled me to experience many kinds of yoga practices, initially through participating in classes, workshops and yoga holidays during my career as a research scientist. Needing time to balance a very mentally focused career in an academic environment yoga enabled me to find space and clarity of mind, to refresh and rejuvenate on physical and more subtle levels. During this time I undertook yoga teacher training which gradually worked away at what were the essential Truths in my life and what sat most comfortably with me. As a result I left my academic career behind over two years ago to pursue a growing passion and enthusiasm for yoga as a practice and way of living/being and how profoundly it can affect our lives.

Moving to Australia enabled me to deepen my knowledge and practice of yoga and find teachers and teachings which strongly resonated with my keen interest in the ancient and traditional aspects of yoga, to live it in its whole and trust sense. I have studied extensively with Shantarasa Yoga in Adelaide and India for my teacher trainings. Experiencing traditional ashram living in India in early 2017 has deepened my experience of yoga in a profound way enabling me to imbibe its teachings and way of life in a way that is meaningful and deeply personal. It is with immense gratitude to my teachers (both past and present) and my guru (Swami Nityananda, Gurudev) that I offer the practices I have learnt to others through Yoga Gnosis.

It gives me great joy to share these practices with others and see their growth and personal transformation over time.