Yoga classes and one-on-one sessions


NOTE CHANGES TO TIMETABLE FOR SUMMER/AUTUMN 2018 – contact me click here to book or online here (coming soon).

All Levels Traditional Hatha Yoga: Monday 6:00 – 7:30pm & 8:00 – 9:30pm, Williamstown, S.A.

Restorative Hatha Yoga: Tuesday 4:00 – 5:30pm & 6:00 – 7:30pm, Williamstown, S.A.

Build your Surya Namaskar (sun salutations): Thursday 5:30 – 6:30pm, Eight week series 8th Feb. to 29th March 2018, Williamstown, SA

Beginners Meditation: Discover your essential nature’ Thursday 7:00 – 8:15pm, Eight week series 8th Feb. to 29th March 2018, Williamstown, SA

All Levels Hatha Yoga:  Saturday 8:30 – 10:00am, Williamstown, S. A.

Bookings for One-on-One sessions available @ Williamstown (home-based sessions available on request):
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (from 9:30am); Saturday (from 11am).

GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE – Give the gift of Self-love, Self-understanding and well being

ABOUT YOGA CLASSES (All levels, ages and abilities welcome)

All Levels Traditional Hatha Yoga: Flowing postures coupled with intent and subtle awareness with breath to cultivate prana (life force) to open and energize the body and reach a tranquil heart and mind. Classes are designed to reflect changes in season, time of day, your life stage and constitution, as well as any existing conditions or injuries you may have.

Restorative Hatha Yoga: Props and gentle conscious breath awareness are used to facilitate opening and deep
release of body and mind. Recommended if you are recovering from illness or injury; have or are experiencing high levels of stress, wish to slow down, are new to yoga, or have had a long break from yoga practice. This practice can also bring depth to those experienced practitioners that enjoy a stronger practice to bring balance, awareness of sensate in body and to deepen opening of body with awareness.

Build your Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) Series: Enhancing the solar energy and prana (that which gives life and animation to body and mind), enhancing and beneficial for digestion, using all the major muscles of the body, focusing on the central axis of the spine. With practice Surya Namaskar becomes a cardiovascular strengthener and enhancer and brings about more subtle changes in balance to body systems and steadying for heart and mind. A traditional form of the practice will be introduced and taught. We will start with the foundational postures, exploring how to practice them optimally for our individual needs. We will progress over the weeks to the full flowing sequence, where you can work at your own pace, and explore various approaches to practice. Continuing support will be offered with handouts and forum.

Beginners Meditation Series: We will explore a range of traditional meditation practices in an easily accessible way. Classes are initially broken down into shorter sections to facilitate ease of practice. This comprehensive series of classes will cover (both theory and practice) of: taking your seat (Asana) for meditation, what is meditation and types of meditation, practices focusing on breath, practices focusing on deep feeling, practices focusing on sound and mantra (that which protects the mind), contemplation, Self-reflection, Self-enquiry, keeping your practice vibrant and consistent. Chairs and props are provided for those who need them. you will also receive a personalised meditation card at the end of the series designed for your personal needs, mala beads to assist with meditation practice, handouts and ongoing support forum.

One-on-one sessions: These sessions are developed for your individual needs based on an initial consultation to explore your intent, goals and aspirations. Focus is on deep postural release and training of correct postural alignment, yogic postures, breath work and relaxation techniques at a level suited to your personal needs to facilitate optimum health and well being, working at a deeper level of your being, with combined yoga therapy practices. Ideal for those who wish to improve or take their practice further, if you are recovering from illness, injury and going through transition in life. My intention is to create a relaxed and supportive environment to maximize the benefits of yoga. My yoga teacher trainings with Shantarasa Yoga Institute have been achieved at over 1,500 hours for Levels 1, 2 and 3, and are accredited by Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.


Classes and series:

Casual classes $18 ($12 concession)
8 class pass $120 ($80 concession)

Build Your Surya Namaskar: $98 for eight week series (includes handouts and ongoing forum and support with your practice), book and pay in full before 28th January to receive $8 discount

Beginners Meditation: $148 for eight week series (includes a personalised meditation card with practices designed for you, meditation mala beads to assist your ongoing practice, handouts and ongoing forum and support), book and pay in full by 28th January to receive $15 discount

10% off loyalty bonus when you purchase more than one of the above or combine them with one-on-one sessions.

One-on-One Sessions @ Williamstown:

1hr session $60
1.5hrs session $85
block of 5 1hr sessions $250
block of 5 1.5hr sessions $350
block of 10 1hr sessions $450
block of 10 1.5hr sessions $650
Health fund rebates available for One-on-One sessions and block bookings.

Options to pay by installments for class passes and block bookings available.

New pricing effective from 1st July 2017.

Call Davina today on 0425 628 640 to book a session.